DriveMax (Auto Center Sales and Service)
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What other fees are there in addition to price?

The other fees are Doc fee, Tax, Title and Registration. Massachusetts collects 6.25% sales tax.

How much is your standard documentation fee and what does it cover?

Our standard documentation fee is $597. This is non-negotiable and every customer is required to pay it in accordance with compliance law.  It includes, but is not limited to, Administering 3 day Refund and Exchange policy, In House Notary Fees, Next Day Mailing for Payoffs, Mailing of Transfer Registrations, Carfax Vehicle History Report Provided for Every Vehicle, Assisting Customer in Notifying Their Insurance Company of the New Vehicle Purchase and Obtaining Courtesy Stamps or Original Insurance Stamps as Required by the State of Massachusetts, Duplicate Title Applications for Lost Trade Titles, Storing Hard Copies of Archived Files as Required by Law, Compliance, Patriot Act and Privacy Act, Required Insurance for unaccompanied Test Drives , Computer and Internet Security,  Verifying Customer Identity and Fraud Protection, Disposition of Trades, Administering Extended Warranties, Lo-jack, Gap Insurance, Tire and Wheel Protection.

Do you accept trade-in’s?

YES! We accept all vehicles, any age, condition, and miles. Even if you do not purchase your vehicle from us we can purchase your vehicle from you!

Do you accept credit cards for vehicle purchases?

We will accept up to $10,000(in total) on a credit card toward a vehicle purchase. Over $500 comes with credit card processing fee of %3.0.

What is your standard warranty on used vehicles?

Depend on car mileage our vehicles come with a 0-30-60-90 days and 0-1250-2500-3750 mile standard warranty. It covers the following items:

Engine System: engine stock, engine head, flywheel, rotor housings, and lubricated parts including the oil pan; valve covers, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil water, and fuel delivery pump, fan and fan clutch, engine mounts; rotors; all internally lubricated parts of a rotary engine.

Automatic or Standard Transmission/Transfer Case System: Transmission Case, torque converter and all internal parts including flex plate; transmission mounts; oil pan

Do you put the inspection sticker on the vehicle?

We can do inspection stickers for our vehicles. The cost of an inspection sticker in Massachusetts is $35. We do not have an inspection license here at the dealership so we use local certified inspection stations. Otherwise, You have 7 days from the date of registration to obtain the sticker.

Can I take a vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection?

A customer can take a vehicle to a pre-purchase inspection once a refundable $300 deposit has been left.