Automotive Electrician

Drive Max Group is a family owned dealership with 3 locations in South Shore Massachusetts and over 300 vehicles in stock. We are growing and we need Automotive Electrician

REQUIREMENTS: At least 5 years of relevant experience as an automotive electrician or equivalent.

At least 5 years of relevant experience as an automotive electrician or equivalent;
Knowledge of the electrical system in the new model vehicles;
Experience using meters, test instruments and circuit diagrams to find electrical faults;
Must be able to diagnose and determine corrective action for electric power controlling equipment, such as switch gear circuit breakers;
Proven ability to diagnose electrical issues using electrical vehicle diagrams;
Experience with computer repair software, such as AllDATA, AUTODATA, or similar;
Experience with diagnostic tools such as AUTEL, or computer diagnostic software such as TOAD PRO or similar;
Proven ability to diagnose and repair control module for turbo charger systems;
Must have a valid driver’s license;
Must be able to operate and access heavy equipment safely and effectively;

Maintain, troubleshoot, repair, replace and require automotive electrical and electronic systems;
Maintain, repair, replace and test alternators, cranking motors, distributors, magnetos, generator control units, alternating systems and rectifiers, and all other electrical and electronic equipment found in automotive vehicles;
Rewire and repair automotive electrical and electronic systems;
Determine electrical defects in the electrical and electronic systems in automotive equipment;
Conduct electrical testing;
Prepare reports and orders;
Maintain records and inventories of supplies and materials;
Installing and troubleshooting immobilizer and alarm systems;
Calculating and providing managers with the estimated time and cost of repair;

Yearly pay $ 59,030

CONTACT: SEND Resume to Alexander Ponomarenko at 863 N. Main Street, West Bridgewater, MA or email [email protected]

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